5 Ways to Trace Cell Phone Numbers

Cell phone is an integral part of the human being in today?s modern world full of advanced technologies. It is a communication device which functions nearly equivalent to the function of a body organ for the people in today?s world. We have advanced in a world of modern day cell phones, which have advance features which are of great utility.

The smartphone category of cell phones present in today?s market has abundant features such as GPS, gravity sensors, proximity sensors which all are centrally linked. The android OS by Google is a pioneer today in development of Cell phone technology, and has helped in the development of better cell phone interface and security. All services of android can be availed just by having a free Gmail account.


It is even possible to track your cell phone location using various techniques available by the advancing technology.

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The ways to trace a cell phone can be summarized as follows:

Using Apps in Smartphones

Smartphones have occupied maximum of the market shares thus providing best featured apps and facilities. It also includes some phone locating software such as Find My iPhone, Find My Mobile (in Samsung) and Android Device Manager. This app should be installed and activated as soon as you purchase a smart phone so that locating a cell phone is easy in every situation.


Trace Using GPS

If you are non- smart phone user, you can opt for GPS services which help in Locating and tracking. It works on the basis of Global Positioning System satellites which when enabled can give the location of your cell phone with higher accuracy. It can be done by logging into AccuTracking’s Web Interface from any computer connected to internet.

Trace by using Someone Smartphone

The other method is tracing someone else’s phone by taking their permission which done to assure security. In smartphone, there is an app popularly known as location sharing in which your friends can view last location of your cell phone before it is lost. Social Networks such as Facebook and twitter now provides the option of showing the location of messages and also gives an additional option of checking in. In Non-smartphones AccuTracking is again helpful which replaced the older software named InstaMapper and Google Latitude.

For Non Smartphone Users

Note- for Non Smartphone user’s it may happen that GPS is not enabled. In such case it is advisable to take a James Bond maneuver and then make sure that you install a GPS chip. You need to purchase a GPS chip which is compatible with your own device and thus it will point to the location of your cell phone.

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Other trending Methods to trace calls

There is some software such as Modis Drish provided by Elena Geo systems which when installed in your cell phone can continuously show the track of your device. It even stores the location data of last one month and the accuracy of location is up to 4 meters. If this software is installed in your cell phone then you assure never to lose your phone as it is totally based on satellites. Though the service is chargeable but you can work with peace without thinking and caring your phone every minute.

Apart from these above methods now days, network provider is also helping to trace a cell phone. It works on the basis of network tower that was accessed by any number or cell phone. Thus it can be easily said that your phone is somewhere near to that particular network tower. This service is slightly chargeable and probably Vodafone has started it in India.

We understand how much you love your cell phone so we brought you the best article to trace a cell phone. Please make sure to share any other method in case you know with us. Also feel free to share and comment your views.


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