Best Apps for Nursing Students in 2023

It is good to have an excellent memory to remember everything but it is vain in this modern age when you have hundreds of Best apps for nursing students in 2023 to make your tasks easy. Today, we will discuss the best apps for nursing students in 2023. As a nursing student, you must have an excellent memory to remember reading and values but not compulsory. Nursing students need many apps during their studies to improve their functionality but I am going to mention a few best study apps for nursing students here.

Best Apps for Nursing Students

As a nursing student, you must have two things. One is the Best Laptop for Nursing Students and the other is the Best app for nursing students. My suggested apps will help you to memorize complex study concepts in minutes. That’s why I have spent a lot of time finding the best study apps for nurses.

Eponyms (Free App)

Eponyms by Skyscape Medpresso Inc proliferate the medical landscape which can make it difficult to remember them all. Thankfully, with the Eponyms app, you’ll have access to short descriptions of about 1800 of them. You can quickly find a short description. It is available on both IOS and Android versions.

Best Apps for Nursing students

NCLEX RN Mastery

It is a very useful and helpful app for nursing students in NCLEX exams. With this app, you can select your topics randomly or by your chosen system. It provides mnemonics to help you grasp and memorize vital concepts easily. The app with a 99.7% pass rate for first-time test takers, over 2.5 million people are currently using NCLEX RN Test Prep to study over 3000+ exam-style questions, quizzes, and medical content.

Best Apps for Nursing students

Nursing Central 

A Nursing Central by Unbound Medicine, Inc provides nurses with information about diseases, drugs, and tests and a literature search function. According to Brent Thompson, Ph.D., RN, West Chester University, “Nursing Central contains everything a nurse needs at the bedside. It’s a must-have for nurses and nursing students.”

UWorld App

UWorld by UWorld, LLC is very helpful through my final year in nursing school and passing my licensure exams in 75 questions. It is the primary tool I used for NCLEX Prep. It is actually a question bank that includes near about 2200 questions in it.


Picmonic is ridiculously efficient. Unbelievably effective. Make Studying Fun & Remember More in Less Time with Picmonic, the world’s best mnemonic video & spaced repetition quizzing study tool that’s research-proven to increase memory retention by 331%!

10,000+ quiz questions & 1,000+ entertaining mnemonic videos covering all major subjects. Used by over HALF A MILLION STUDENTS in Medical, Nursing, NP, PA, PT, OT & PharmD schools.

Med Mnemonics

Med Mnemonics by Regular Rate and Rhythm Software is suitable for all healthcare professionals and students, including nursing students. This app includes the following things:

  • 1500+ clever acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks, on topics ranging from Anatomy and Biochemistry to Pharmacology and Surgery.
  • Search and filter by discipline or system.
  • Create and share your own mnemonics, then submit them for review by our resident MD to add to the database!

Final Words

As you know there are hundreds of apps available but I as a medical expert choose the best apps for nursing students. Nursing students need to stay focused and organized while they’re studying. One way to do this is by using a study app. So, use these apps to enhance your productivity.

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