Best 6 Internet Browser for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

Today Internet could be appropriately defined as the heart of every laptop, computer or mobile phone. For the functioning of this heart internet browsers are required which provide access to the web world. Hence to deliver you the best we present you this article with the list of Best Internet Browsers for Windows 10/8/8.1/7.

But before that What is Internet Browser?

Internet Browser in nothing but a software application which translates coded files (such as HTML Codes) to appropriately designed websites to view texts, images, media files etc. It helps in accessing in internet on windows PC and may work with different versions such as 10/8/8.1/7.

best internet browser for windows 10

Features?of the best Internet Browsers-

  • The browser should deliver required speed for loading of data smoothly and speedly.
  • The browser should be compatible with different versions of Windows and also different hardware for laptops, computers and tablets.
  • It should provide the required online security and have the features of privacy settings, pop-up blockers, extensions enable/disable, etc.
  • Dedicated, quality and quick help and support options must be available with the browser with easy to read and understand user-guide.
  • Have an easy option to handle cookies and history.

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List for the Best Internet Browser for Windows 10/8/8.1/7

1. Google Chrome Browser

Undoubtly Google chrome is one of the best internet browsers which are developed by Google Inc. Excellent speed, simple and tidy design, security and privacy settings are few highlighted features of Google chrome. Along with these Google chrome provides the self customization feature that comes in form of various themes.

It supports all versions of windows along with iOS and MAC and is available free of cost. The best part of this browser is that it upgrades itself with better features hence termed as Modern Browser.

Download Google chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

Developed by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation, this browser was known to be slightly sluggish browser in terms of speed. In past few versions this has improved a lot delivering the best features and being one of the best internet browsers. Apart from Windows MAC and iOS, this browser also supports Linux.

Download Mozilla Firefox

3. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is one of the default browsers of windows operating system and developed by Microsoft. With updation of few versions of this browser, it now delivers tidy and simple design and could be termed as one of robust internet browser. With no doubts it is supported by all the versions of windows.

Install IE

4. Opera

This is a free internet browser similar to Google chrome and developed by Opera software. It is popularly known for its speed and supporting all versions of Windows. For mobile version Opera mini was developed which gave a tough competition to almost every other web browser.

Download opera

5. Avant Windows Internet Browser

Anderson Che a Chinese company developed this internet browser which is only compatible with Windows Computers and can be used as an alternative for the default windows browser i.e. Internet Explorer.

Download Avant

6. Safari

One of beautifully designed internet browser as Apple Inc. is its developer. This is very much compatible with versions of iOS and Mac but the recent versions of this browser are also compatible with Windows.

Download Safari

At Last

Hence these six internet browsers are best supported and functioned in all the windows version included the latest windows 10 and other popular versions like 8/8.1/7 and Xp as well with Google Chrome ranking as first among all. The above list for the best internet browsers are authentic to be with correct information as it is delivered by the panel of our technical experts.

Stays tuned to our website for much more correct information and enjoy the best from the vast technical word.


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