Best Sites to Compare Mobile and Laptops Price


Technology has led us to a position where we don?t have to go visit a shop for shopping electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones. There are several websites which cater to the needs of electronic gadgetry by which the customer can place orders and buy mobiles and laptops with ease, the entire process of selecting the desired product, payment and delivery of the product can be done by sitting at home.

But with the online e-commerce websites building up at a rapid rate, it is necessary to compare the price of different items available in different sites so as to choose the cheapest website and buy from it.

Here is the sites to compare mobile and laptops price

Below are the lists of some websites which are best for comparing-

1.?My Smart Price


This website is one of the best comparing websites present and is one of the best sites to compare commodities including electronic goods like smart phones, computers and peripherals. The list is very organized as they are listed according to the company and price which makes it much easier for the customer to select his/her desired product fast and quickly.

One of the most unique features of this website is that the user will get an alarm if the price of the desired mobile phone or laptop falls. This website showcases amazing deals as well. Also available as a Google Chrome add-on.

2.?Makkhi Choose

MakkhiChoose plugin

A good comparing site this actually works as Google Chrome plug-in and helps save money on any purchase made through selected websites. At present this service extends only to Indian customers and has around eight different sites from which it compares. These sites include Home Shop18, Naaptol, Flipkart, Snapdeal, India Plaza and many others. A new feature is recently updated which is based on the user?s preference, the ?fly? icon will have a golden glow and will suggest products (including electronic ones) to the user.



Junglee is a comparison website by and has more than 3+ Crore products from around 2500+ sites and is a worldwide service. This website is very much precise and also allows users to post free ads (advertisements) for selling their product irrespective of whether the user is logged in or not. This feature is extremely attractive and easy to use. In addition to electronics goods like mobiles and computers this website also has toys, dresses, and what not. Junglee is also for Indian customers. Also available as a Google Chrome add-on.

4.?Compare Raja


This website also is an Indian one and is quiet good when it comes to comparing. The extremely easy to use interface will surely catch the customer?s attention and so will the search bar. The search bar can be used to find any mobile or laptop and inquire about the details and its price.

There are cool offers and lucky draws always going on so the customer could try his or her luck and win gift vouchers from websites like Flipkart and Snapdeal and others. A unique feature is the fact that this website allows its customers to set up a target price for a particular product so that when the product hits that price range a email is sent to the customer prompting him or her to buy it.

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5.?91 Mobiles


Though the name suggests that this website may only have mobile phones for comparison, it also has laptops and mobile/laptop peripherals. Just like any good website this site also has certain comparing tools laid out of the customer like platform, price range, company etc. This website is the best for phones and one can easily see the prices for each variant quite effortlessly.


The above five websites are the best of their kind and it is guaranteed that the customer will definitely save money in the long run in online shopping.


  1. Hi Anik, Thanks for writing about MakkhiChoose! We also have a Firefox plugin and have an app we will be releasing shortly.

    What is your opinion on price comparison mobile apps? Are you more of a desktop user yourself?



    • Thanks Sia for your valuable comment, Although I used to be desktop user but now I am also shifting toward more smartphone usage and I think same is applied for outer world. So the app is must but having a good website which is mobile friendly is also must.

  2. Great article man, You forgot to add “Flipkart” and other ecommerce sites, there you get to compare the device completely and once done, you can buy the one of your choice. Good post! 🙂


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