How to Download Grindr for Mac Pc

Grindr introduces the concept of love that isn?t based on race, creed and sex, but on the basis of your preference. But what is Grindr?

Grindr is a social networking app that is purely made for the Gay people liberating them with a choice and options at the same time. The database consists of around 7 million males around 192 countries that are interested in the same of which it has 2 million daily users. Thus, Grindr finds you the perfect guys nearby you who are matched as per your preferences and with whom you share your interest.

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Thus, Grindr for mac helps the gay people meet real hot and sexy people. We are going to give you the steps to easily install?Grindr on Mac Pc.

grindr for mac

Installation of Grindr for MacBook and Windows 7/8

This app was introduced in the market only for the Android phones by Grindr LLC developers. But there on it was also launched over the iOS systems. Here, it is illustrated how can one install the app on the Windows 7/8 and MacBook. The steps are given below:

  • Please ensure that you have a proper Android Emulator on MacBook. In case if you don?t have it, install Bluestacks on your MacBook.
  • Launch BlueStack on your system and search Grindr by writing it in the Search Bar. After that, hit the search button.
  • Click on the install option that is opposite to the Grindr.
  • Now you will be asked to fill out some basic information.
  • Then you will be directed to the official page of Google Play Store, from where you can install the application.
  • Your app is installed now. To launch it you need to initially launch the Android Emulator and then open Grindr.


Now, after knowing so much about Grindr, let?s have an overview of the Grindr App Free version and Paid version.

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Grindr Free version Features:

  • The customisation of the app features and the categories that one is looking for can be done in order to find your perfect match.
  • There are several options of ?tribe ? type, i.e. twink, jack, beaar, etc. as per one?s sex preference.
  • The number of profiles that you can visit is limited up to 100.
  • There are the options for saving and blocking. If you like a profile and want to meet up the person, you can save it or if you were offended in any way for certain reasons you may block.
  • The profile can be swiped in the similar manner as that in Tinder.

The app introduces the above features in the free version and an option appears where you can upgrade the app toPro version. The Pro Version has the following features:

Grindr Pro version Features:

  • You are sure to receive all the messages from your mate and reply instantly.
  • The Pro Version makes sure to not advertise anything in your app.
  • The number of tribes in your profile can be added to increase the X-factor.
  • One can view over 300 guys over Gindr for MacBook.
  • There are options that you can avail helping you to talk to and chat over with around 3,00,000 guys around the world.

Thus, Gindr for MacBook brings over 7 million people round the world to meet their type at a single place, I hope this tutuorial will bring the grindr on your Mac pc. Feel free to add your comments below.


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