Fix for YouTube App not Working (Android/iOS)

YouTube app is one of the best apps on Android, iOS and Windows Smartphone that keeps YouTube streaming as an astonishing experience for each and every user. But what if you get into trouble where your YouTube app is not working. Yes this is the common problem that many android and iOS YouTube users are facing. Sometimes it could be due to the Smartphone issue, like low memory, low RAM or nay other related issue but mostly it is the problem of the app which doesn’t work properly due any or the other reason.

So the common problem that YouTube app may not work says error 505, unable to connect to the network and problem like ?time out or connection lost click to try again?.

youtube app not working

Therefore, today we have come up with the solution where we will be showing you the ways to fix this YouTube app problem in simple and working ways.

Methods to fix YouTube App not Working

Uninstall the updates of the app:

This is the common issue for the android users that whenever they install the updates from play store, the connection time error start coming out and the app becomes annoying, although it was working fine when you didn’t update the app. So in order to resolve the issue we need to uninstall the updates. Although I have seen this problem more on specific android devices, maybe that is the compatibility issue with some of the Smartphone out there.

Here is how you can uninstall the updates of the YouTube app easily.

  • Menu ->settings ->apps
  • Now tap on YouTube app
  • Now click on Uninstall updates
  • That?s it, you are done.

Manually change the video quality:

The connection error or loading error of YouTube app may be due to the video quality that your app is trying to load on your smartphone. If the app is trying to load the HD or high quality video than it might not work properly. So in order to fix this problem we need to manually adjust the video quality which can be done by following the simple steps as mentioned below.

  • On your android device, to adjust quality, touch the menu icon on a video and select the Gear icon and you can easily change the quality of video from there.

youtube app not working update

On iOS:

Manually changing the video quality may help to resolve errors or streaming issues on iOS too, here are the simple steps to do so.

  • Touch > Gear on a video while connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Manual quality selection over cellular networks is not supported.
  • Settings: Adjust your HD playback settings by going to Gear > Settings > Play HD on Wi-Fi only.

Delete Cache:

All the apps on android store cache memory, which also may give rise to the problem like this. So clearing them from your device not only helps it run faster but also save your device memory.

Here is how to clear your YouTube app cache from android device.

  • Go to settings > application manger> Now search for the YouTube app? Now click on clear data.

That?s it, you should now check out the app if it?s working or not.


Change you DNS settings:

This is also the working method, in which we need to change the network settings in order to run the YouTube videos properly. Here is the way to do so.

Go to Settings? > Your wifi ?> Take note of your D.N.S -> Change your D.N.S to ->

Also check the latest fix:

These were the simple steps and checklist to fix the YouTube app related issue and I hope this fix for YouTube app not working worked for you. In case you still have the difficulty, feel free to ask in the comments below. Also feel free to share if find any other better alternative to this problem with us. Do share with your friends on social media.


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