Fix for YouTube Fullscreen not Working (Chrome/Firefox/IE)

This is the common problem while playing YouTube videos on various browsers especially Google chrome, Firefox and internet explorer. You might not face any problem when you play the video, but as soon as you try to enable the full screen mode the video doesn?t play. So in this way you will not be able to watch the video in fullscreen. There may be number of reason for this problem like flash player to other browsers settings.

There are many guides on this but none is in that much details. So, in this tutorial we are going to share with you the methods to fix this YouTube fullscreen not running properly issue in details.

6 Ways to ?Fix for YouTube Fullscreen not Working

1. Update Adobe Flash player:

Most of the problems that arise while streaming online video are due to the adobe player issue which runs everything. So if you don?t have the latest version of adobe player, get it from here.

2. Disable extra process of Adobe Player:

Here are the steps to fix the extra process that are running which might be creating the issue.

  • Open chrome and type chrome://plugins into the address bar and click enter.
  • Now click on the details button to expand the detail.

Fix for YouTube fullscreen not working

  • Disable the “PPAPI (out-of-process)” entry under Adobe Flash Player by clicking Disable.


3. ?Disable Flash hardware acceleration

Here are the steps to Disable Flash hardware acceleration

  • When watching the video, right-click on the video player and click Settings.
  • The Adobe Flash Player Settings screen will open.
  • Click on the icon at the left of the Adobe Player Settings window to open the Display panel.
  • Remove the check mark from Enable hardware acceleration.

3 Fix for YouTube fullscreen not working

  • Make sure to restart the browsers as well.


4. Try using new user:

There may be chances that you are facing the problem because of the user profile that you have on the chrome browser. So in order to resolve the issue you need to add the new user and check whether this worked or not.

  • Try to browse using a new Chrome user
  • Chrome Menu>Settings>Users>Add new user

4: Delete you Browser and system cache:

This might also create the problem while doing fullscreen on YouTube. Deleting the unwanted files from your systems will fix the issue instantly.

Here are the steps to follow in order to do so.

  • Click on right most top icon>>Clear history (You can also press ctrl+H)
  • Selecting ?from the beginning of time? click on clear all.
  • Then hit Clear browsing data.

cache YouTube Audio not working

You may also need to clear your PC cache or temp file too. Here is how to do so.

  • Go to Run or just hit Win+R.
  • Now enter ? %temp%? in the box provided and hit enter.
  • Select all by holding ctrl+A and delete them.

6 :Delete unwanted extension and add-ons:

There are many extension of the browsers that may also cause the fullscreen problem issue for YouTube. If you have installed any unwanted extension on your browser make sure to delete it immediately.

  • Just go to the setting>>extension and untick the option or click on delete to get rid from the unwanted issues.

I hope these 6 fix for ?YouTube fullscreen not working? problem worked for you. In case you still have the problem while watching fullscreen mode video, do feel free to leave the comments below I will be more than happy to resolve the issue. Also make user to share with us if you found any other method to fix this issue. Feel free to share with your other friends as well.


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