How to Create and Upload a Torrent File?

Torrents are most preferred medium to download videos, music and literally anything and whenever the name Bit Torrent is heard we tend to think of illegal downloading and stuff. One can not only download torrent files but can also host torrent files for other people to download. For creating as well as downloading the application Bit Torrent or uTorrent is very much essential. Here are the steps mentioned below to create and upload a torrent files for others to download-

?Step by step guide to Create and Upload a Torrent File

  1. Step-I: Getting Started

The first step is to download the uTorrent application from the website After downloading the application has to be installed onto the machine. Though there are plenty of other methods to upload files but this is the most preferred and easiest. Go to file on the top left corner and under the drop box select Create New Torrent (shortcut Ctrl+N).

uTorrent>File>Create New Torrent


  1. Step-II: Configure the torrent file

Now the next step is to decide and configure which file to upload to the world. Files and directories can be selected in multiple numbers. There are three precisely wildcard parameters which helps select the desired file from a large number of files. They are ?question mark? for matching characters, an ?asterisk? for matching text of same length and lastly a ?vertical pipe? which removes anything from the folder that is mentioned there. The whole setup must be saved and therefore it is necessary to click the Save as button at the end.

Create New Torrent>Select link to upload>Click Save As


  1. 3. Step-III: Enter a tracking device

After the second step, one can enter a tracker and control the transfer of data to the torrent. Looking almost similar to an URL, the user must use the tracker with the particular website he is uploading from, for example . All index sites do not allow trackers and for private tracker users, there is an option for them which they have to tick. It is advisable not to tick off the box.


  1. Step-IV: Any additional information

Any additional information like a comment which can be turned on by an automatic setting; though it is better to leave the settings automatic in case the user doesn?t know his/her way around. Keeping the messages option will allow the user to interact with people who are going to download what you upload.

  1. Step V: Sharing the links

It would be better if the world knew about the torrent file you just created. Therefore it is important to share the link of the recently uploaded file on various social media like Facebbok, Twitter and others. Now if the user makes the .torrent file to send it to a friend, he/she may send the file directly but on the other hand if the user wants to open the file to public download then the link must be posted on a torrent site.

Uploading a torrent file may be done by either ?Start seeding? option or the ?private torrent? option.

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Thus following the above simple five steps, one can easily make a torrent for others to download. However there are some things one must keep in mind.

Seeders- the people who either upload a file for other people to download or upload the seeded file are called seeders.

Leechers– the people who download file and take out the torrent are called leechers. Users have to maintain 1:1 ratio of download: upload; otherwise their account will be banned.

Though the above steps are mentioned keeping in mind uTorrent, this can be done by a variety of other applications as well.


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