How to Extract Images from an Office Document

Many times images are required to be extracted from an office document but it is difficult and cumbersome procedure. ?But if certain steps are followed then this difficult task becomes more than easy as well. Microsoft office is one of the most used application/software in the world and there are situations where one has to extract an image or multiple images from a word file. Below are certain steps which must be followed to extract images form an office document.

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Method-I: To?Extract Images from an Office Document


The first step is to change the format of the file from .doc/.docx/.pptx/.xlsx (Micrososoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel) to .zip format. This can be done by simply modifying the name of the file and adding extension .zip which is necessary.

Save As>.zip format

extract images from word


The next step involves browsing through the newly created zip folder and after navigating a folder (named Media preferably) will be there which will contain all the images there within itself.


Thus the images can be obtained by this method which is one of the most used methods of extracting images from any Office file. This method is usable for all kinds of Office files, like PowerPoint, Excel and the commonly used Word.

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Method-II:?To?Extract Images from an Office Document


There is another way by which images could be extracted from an Office document. For the second option one will have to save the document as a web page. This can be done by saving the file as a web page just like the previous case but not as a .zip extension but as a web page.

  • Save As>Other Formats>Save as Web Page

extract images from word using web


After the document gets saved as a web page it is relatively easy to extract the images. Saving as a web page creates a HTML web page from the previous document. There is supposed to be a folder which will contain images. The folder is preferably named as _files. Inside the folder will be the desired images.


Depending on the amount of information the document has the folder named _files will be more or less cluttered. The information contained in the folder will have the images. Also deleting extraneous information would lessen the clutter in the folder.

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Method-III:?To?Extract Images from an Office Document

The usage of a snipping tool is also advisable and helpful in the case of extracting images from any Office document. However it will only allow the user to cut a portion of the image and in some cases the whole image itself.

snipping tool


The above steps show us how to extract pictures from an Office document without harming the quality of the picture. Any of these steps followed will give us quite a good extracted picture from the document.


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