How to Measure Laptop Size? – Latest Guide of 2023

As we know laptop comes in different sizes. These sizes include 11 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches, and 17 inches. Everyone wonders about the screen size of the laptop before purchasing but doesn’t know How to Measure the laptop Size. So, here is the latest guide to measuring laptop screen size in 2023. Remember: Before purchasing any Laptop you need to know what your laptop uses are and then buy the one that suits you the most.

As we know laptop size matters a lot for many professionals. Like AutoCAD Engineers, gamers and Developers should have big sizes and screen sizes also. We can say a laptop is not the best AutoCAD laptop if its screen is small. In the same way, a video editor also prefers to work on a big screen. On the Other side, the person who uses the laptop for simple office tasks always prefers to work on a slim and small laptop that is easy to carry.

It’s up to you to purchase any laptop but I as an expert suggest you buy the one that fits your needs. For instance, if you’re a writer, college student, journalist, doctor, or business person, you may prefer small and compact-sized laptops. While professional gamers, Video editors, AutoCAD designers, web developers, and programmers may choose large screen-sized laptops.

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How to Measure laptop Size?

It is not a big game to measure laptop size but you need to know a few things before starting to measure laptop size.

  • Measuring Diagonally
  • Measuring Height
  • Width Measurement
  • Measuring Depth

Measuring Diagonally

The first basic measurement is a diagonal measurement. You can easily correctly measure the laptop size even a screen size by these measurements. You just need to put the measuring tape in your laptop’s bottom left corner and put another side of the tape on the laptop’s top right corner. Here is your laptop size.

How to Measure Laptop Size Diagonally

Height Measurement

The next step is to measure the height of the laptop. To do this put one side of the measuring tape on the upper side of the laptop and the other side of the tape on the bottom of the laptop.

How to Measure Laptop Size vertically

Width Measurement

Place the tape measure across the laptop, left to right (parallel with the longest sides). This is the width of the laptop, make sure your sleeve isn’t too much wider or your laptop will not be protected as well if it is sliding around in its case. 

Measuring Depth

In last you need to measure the depth of your laptop. For this purpose, you need to put the measuring tape on the side of the laptop.

I hope you understand of measuring laptop size method.

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