How to Open/Access Blocked Websites At Home or Office


With the continuous increasing era of technology and internet thus it ?is becoming very easy for each and every one of us to access the information but at the same time there are plenty of chances that all this information can be blocked easily from your ISP or any other authority.

We have seen many countries blocking the popular information and social media websites like blocking YouTube and blocking Facebook for no purpose. Although this all thing look fair to po*n sites but I don?t think any valid point to block websites like YouTube and Facebook.


Now another scenario is that colleges and universities are also blocking this website to in order to make their students read more rather than wasting your time on social media. But you still don?t bother, because you still reading this post to unblock these things out. Yes, you are at the right place as in this I will be sharing some tips and ways to Access Blocked Web Sites easily.

So if you are from the countries where your government has blocked your website, or a student from a school or college where your administrator has blocked the website or a office employee where your boss wants you to work 24*7, then here is the quick guide to get things on the track back as you would be able to open all blocked websites easily after applying this tutorial.

Place https instead of http:

This is very basic trick in which you just replace the website URL from to

This only works for that website having SSL or dedicated server?s facilities. So it might work with Facebook and YouTube pretty well but any other website will not be unblocked with this trick because most of those don?t have the SSL installed. I used to do this when my collage blocked the social media sites.

Proxy method to unblock blocked website:

This method is quite popular and many are using it to open all the blocked sites. There are many proxy servers online which are free as well as paid and allow you to surf anonymously as well as safely with full privacy and protection.

Just copy your site URL and then paste it in any proxy website. Now choose your proxy location and visit the site. Here is the list of those popular proxy websites which allow you to surf blocked websites easily.


I think these website are enough to make sure that any one of works good for you.


Unblock website using DNS method:

DNS has all the information of all the websites over the globe and whenever any country blocks any website they actually blocks it on their server. But if changes our DNS then we are able to easily. We can make use of Google DNS or OpenDNS which allows you to access blocked websites easily.

Here is how you can unblock website using DNS

  • First of all go to Start?> Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center
  • Click Change adapter settings
  • Right-click the Internet connection which you are currently using and at which the website is blocked.
  • Now click on properties.



  • Now for Google DNS enter as the Preferred DNS Server and as the Alternate DNS Server.
  • If you want to use OpenDNS, use and respectively.
  • After entering these, click OK.

Use IP changer and VPN to change the IP to access website:

You can also use the ip changer software such as safeip and others?software to chnage your IP and location in order to get the access the blocked webistes. You can also use the VPN.

VPN are basically the private servers that are secured and used on internet for the full restriction of any information. Hence they can be used to open and surf anonymously. So in case you want to use VP N you can use free ones but I would prefer you to go for paid ones because they are more reliable and secured.

Have I skipped any ?other method? Please feel free to share in the comments below and also make sure to ask any other question related to above in case you have any problem while implementing the same.


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