How to Screenshot on a Chromebook?

Taking a screenshot on a PC or laptop is a very easy thing. But taking a screenshot on a Chromebook will be a little more complex. Because there is a Print Screen button available on the PCs and laptops but it’s not much easy in the case of Chromebooks. Most people don’t know how to screenshot on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are a great solution for students. You can say the Chromebook is the best laptop for nursing students. However, when children start using them, they find it difficult to do certain things like upload videos, edit photos, and even take screenshots. After realizing this problem, the writing team at Chromebooks For Kidz decided to create a step-wise guide that could help users to learn how to take screenshots on Chromebooks.

In this article, I have listed some tips that will help you to take screenshots on your Chromebook easily

Use the Screen Capture Tool

The Screen capture tool uses to take both screenshots and screen recordings. Follow the steps below to take a screenshot:


Click the clock on the taskbar

Click the clock on the taskbar


Select the arrow in the top-right corner of the menu.

Select the arrow in the top-right corner of the menu


Click the Screen Capture button

Click the Screen Capture button


By clicking on the camera icon you can take a screenshot and by clicking on the video Icon you can start screen recording

camera icon (How to Screenshot on a Chromebook)

Use a Keyboard Shortcut

There are some shortcut keys that are available on the keyboard where you can take screenshots by pressing some specific keys. There are three modes of taking screenshots in Chromebook.

  • Ctrl+Window: Takes a full-screen screenshot.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Window: Opens the Screen Capture tool and takes a partial screenshot.
  • Ctrl+Alt+Window: Opens the Screen Capture tool and asks you to select a window to screenshot.

Note: You can take screenshots in the same way. Even you are drawing on a tablet that is compatible with a Chromebook.

Where you can find screenshots on Chromebook?

Where you can find your screenshots in Chromebook that you have taken during work, drawing, or animation. You can find your screenshots in a Downloads folder.


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