How to Split Screen On Dell Laptop – Step by Step Guide in 2023

As you know Dell laptops are most commonly used laptops. Every third person have Dell laptop. Either you are a machine learner, teacher, programmer or gamer dell make laptop in all categories. As programmer or gamer you need to split screen but don’t know how to split screen on dell laptop. It is not much difficult to enable the split screen feature on Dell Laptop. You just need to read this step by step guide to do this.

How to Split Screen On Dell Laptop

First of all you ned to know why you need this feature? Split screen feature is used to do multi tasking and to avoid screen switch. Few dell Laptops have builtin split screen feature but many laptops needs to enable split screen feature like Dell XPS 15. In which you need to enable this feature. Here are simple steps to do this:

  • Open two applications that you want to use. It maybe browser, Image, video, or file.
  • Click on the second app and drag until screen split in two parts.
  • Each part is for each app.
  • Now you can use both screens without switching screens from one to other.
how to split screen on dell laptop

How to Use Split Screen on Dell Laptop using Windows Snap Assist

It is also very easy to split screen in windows 7,8,10. This feature of window works in nay laptop because it is associated with the windows not laptop. So, Either you are using DELL G3 15 3500 or using HP ENVY X360. You can split screen easily. Here are the complete steps to enable split screen:

  • Open the app that you want to use in 2nd screen.
  • Click on the app and drag app to the corner of laptop’s screen.
  • Split screen feature opens automatically and screen divided into two parts.
  • Put second app in one part and open other app in remaining part.

Alternatively, you can use the Windows + Left Arrow or Windows + Right Arrow keyboard shortcuts to snap windows to the left or right side of the screen, respectively. You can also use the Windows + Tab shortcut to open the Task View, which allows you to see all open applications and virtual desktops, and drag them into place.

Split screen is a convenient feature that can help you multitask more efficiently on your Dell laptop. Give it a try and see how it can improve your productivity!


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