How to Unblock Facebook at School/College/University

Messaging, sharing, posting, liking, commenting, events, advertisements, promotions and friends and many more. All we get on one single platform of social network that is Facebook and so I firmly believe that staying away from it is really a tough task. For people like me, it acts like an addiction inducing frequent temptation to check out my profile and timeline. These methods will teach you how to unblock facebook at school or work?without proxy and with proxy as well.

The obstacle between me and my Facebook timeline is the blockage created by the network admin which stops Facebook to open at my college Wi-Fi. It is basically done by blocking the IP address of the particular computer in DNS server so that access to the particular website is fully prevented.? If this is the case with you also then try these following steps and to Unblock Facebook at School or College.

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Ways to Unblock Facebook at School/College/University

Method 1- DNS Server Address

For schools and colleges there are large number of computers but on the shared network same IP address is used by some websites but in case of reputed websites such as Facebook, Orkut etc have their own identical IP address. Hence the network administrator blocks from the DNS server.

In this condition Unblock Facebook by using different DNS servers such as Open DNS Server or Google Public DNS Server.

If you are on Windows, follow these steps:

  • >Control Panel>> Network and Internet Connections >>> Network Connections
  • On the icon of connection status through which you have internet connection, Right Click on it.
  • In Properties, click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • Put any of this value in the server of DNS.

For OpenDNS server-,?
For Google DNS server-,?

unblock fb

Method 2- IP Address

If the Facebook is blocked from the IP address rather than just the Domain server address then PC admin can add IP address in web browser to bypass the blockage from the host file.

If you are on Windows, follow these steps:

  • Press Win+R key, a Run Command dialog box will open.
  • Enter the following command and hit OK.


  • ping -t
  • Note- You can also obtain IP for the address in various IP tool and Linux and MAC use Ping command into the terminal window.
  • Copy this IP address and paste it on your browser.

unblock facebook 3

Hence now you can access on your browser at your school or college Wi-Fi.


Method 3- Use of Proxy Site

There are many number of proxy sites available on net hence you first need to find some authentic proxy sites at your own network and then use it on your school or college Wi-Fi. Some of them are:


Many at time the overused proxy websites are already blocked by network admin hence it is advisable to search for many number of proxy sites and use them one by one at your school or college Wi-Fi.

In the URL box of the Proxy site enter and hence use Facebook.

This method reduces the browsing speed significantly but still you can enjoy Facebook with less technical effort.

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Method 4- Personal Hot Spot

You can also use internet through your personal hot spot from your phone and hence access internet without any obstacle. Generally It is blocked only by the network admin on the network hence avoid that particular network and in its place use your personal hotspot. The method followed is simple and the same as you connect other devices on your phone.

The above mentioned four methods are verified and authentic method given by our experts so that any non-technical person may easily unblock Facebook at school or College.


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