How To Unlock/Reset a Android Pattern Screen Lock Pin and Password

Pattern lock is a very competitive feature of android. The main reason to put a pattern lock in your phone is to keep strangers and others away from the data in your phone without much effort of entering 8 digit long passwords again and again. As the smartphones are getting smarter everyday it?s important to put a strong security system to secure your data and intellectual property. But what if you are yourself locked out of your phone or tablet?

It can be irritating but it is found a number of times that people forget their pattern lock and the password. Or someone other changed their pattern lock. Remember in case of multiple pattern attempts or password lock, restarting your phone or changing battery will not work. But don?t need to worry because you can still get back inside your phone using methods given below. You can use one of the method from here as per your case which will give you the ability to easily?Android Pattern Screen Lock Pattern, Pin and Password.

Unlock Android Pattern Lock

How to Unlock Android Phone if you forgot Pattern, Pin and Password

You can use one of the method from here as per your case.

Case1: For Android Lollipop 5.0 and higher:

Using ADM (Android Device Manager):

If you have updated your device to Android 5.0 or above then the above method will not work for you. But you can still unlock your device using ADM on any other computer or mobile. It?s also simple but a bit longer and you will need internet access to make it work.

  1. Login to ADM using the same Google id you used on your phone
  2. Select your device from which you have been locked out
  3. Choose lock
  4. Now it will ask you to enter a temporary password.
  5. Enter the password and tap/click lock
  6. Now restart your phone (It must be connected to Internet as well, Wi-Fi access will work fine.)
  7. It will ask you to enter the temporary password you made.
  8. Enter the password, remove the lock pattern and temporary password and you?re done.

Unlock Android Pattern unLock

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Android Rooting?Software with/without a PC

If these don?t work for you (only for Android 5.0 and higher):

In this case you have left with only one choice which lose all your data and apps in your phone. Now if you have updated your firmware to Android 5.0 then you can use Android device manager to erase all your data. Simply Login to ADM and choose erase button. Now you can use your phone again from setting everything up.

Case 2: For Android 4.0 and older

You forgot pattern but have remembered your password:

It?s the most simple problem new android users ever made. Thanks to Google that it is very easy to solve. Follow these simple steps and you?re done. (Remember to use this method you must have the Google Login password for the id you used to Login into your phone.)

  1. Enter wrong pattern for five times. (Not a tough job)
  2. Now it will ask you to enter your Google password to Login or wait for some time to try again.
  3. Choose to Login with Google password
  4. Enter your password and you?re done.
  5. Now you can remove or change the pattern lock.

Unlock Android Pattern Lock easily for all versions without loosing data

You forgot pattern and your password as well but have Google account credentials:

If you have forgot your password but have Google account credentials (your Gmail id) then you can get back into your Google account by using account recovery. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Account recovery page (click here)
  2. Choose ?I don?t remember my password.?
  3. Enter you Google id (the one you used on your phone)
  4. Now it will ask you to enter any recent password you remember if you remember any password then you can enter it or click ?I don?t remember?
  5. Now it will send a verification code to the mobile no. you used while creating your id.
  6. Enter your verification code in the site
  7. Now you can choose a new password for your account
  8. Use this new password for the device as mentioned in the above two methods (your phone must be connected to internet)


You forgot your Login password and your Google account credentials too what you used to Login to your phone:

In this case you can use to get back your Google id from any device you have already log in before few days (If you haven?t deleted the history).

You can also ask a friend you use your id for mailing or chatting. And the mobile number used for recovery of account is suggested by Google so there is a chance or you can go for the next option.

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You haven?t registered a Google id in your phone or tablet:

Sorry but in this case you?re left only with one option to reset your phone to its factory settings and lose all your data. Well you can save some of your data based on your security setting and stored on your SD card.
(Click here) and look for your manufacture to restore your phone.


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