How to Watch Star Wars on Command Prompts (Windows7/8/8.1/10/Mac)

Star wars introduced a worldwide pop culture since it was released in 1977 by 20th Century fox. Later several sequels were released in the years of 1980, 1983, 1999 and 2005. With huge number of fans and also many critics, all the series were nominated and won the prestigious Academy Awards. It generated revenue of $4.38 billion and was also expanded in books, comic books, television series, video and computer games etc.

Of course this information is enough to define the craze and excitement delivered by Star Wars but have you ever imagined that this can also be made unique by use of computer symbols in your command Prompt. Some guy (who must be an obvious great fan of star wars) have made episode IV in alphanumeric form using various computer symbols, letters and numbers hence maximizing its excitement. This article reads on How to watch Star Wars in Command Prompt.

Steps?to watch Star wars on command prompts

Step 1:-

Press Win+R and type ‘cmd’ to open command prompt on your personal computer. For Windows 8 users, Press Win+X and then type ‘cmd’.

How to Watch Star Wars on Command Promp

Step 2:-

To watch Star Wars movie in command prompt also, you would require and internet connection. Hence set up an internet connection on your personal Computer.

Step 3:-

Unfortunately the newer versions of Windows do not have pre installed Telnet. Therefore you need to install Telnet. To do this you need type the following command in your command prompt window and then press enter.

How to Watch Star Wars on Command Promp 2

pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient”

If asked for administrator password, enter it, confirm it and then restart the command prompt window but giving an exit command.

Step 4:-

After installation of Telnet, you need to type the command ‘telnet‘ and press enter to start using telnet interface.

Step 5:-

In the appearing command line, type the command ‘o‘ and press enter. This will change the command type to < to > on your command prompt window.

How to Watch Star Wars on Command Promp 1

Step 6:-

After making the above settings and opening the connection, you just need to go through the last and final step to watch the ASCII format Star Wars, episode IV in your command prompt window. You simply need to copy and paste the following command in your command prompt window and press enter.

After some initial credits, Star Wars Episode IV will be played in an interesting format of computer symbols, letters and numbers giving a unique and exciting experience of this thrilling and popular show.

How to Watch Star Wars on Command Promp 3

With this explanatory article, hope you could easily do all the settings of watching star wars in command prompt without paying any expert professional.

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Enjoy the Show!!


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