How to Watch YouTube Videos Blocked/Not-Available in Your Country

Due to new restrictions on the Internet by different governments to control the information flow, many websites and YouTube videos are blocked in different countries. Today, most of us fall on many famous YouTube videos showing a not available in your region message. This is really irritating and a shame in the present era of IT and globalization. Well thanks to the Internet gurus and proxy services that you can bypass this region check with a truly small effort.

The simplest way to unblock a blocked YouTube video is to hide your real location from the server. It can simply be done by using a proxy server. You can always buy a paid VPN service but there are some quick methods to get the job done. Here follow available options which are totally free to apply.

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Ways?Watch YouTube Videos Blocked/Not-Available in Your Country

1. Using a proxy server:

This is the most widely used way to unblock YouTube. You can simply get a proxy server for a region where the video is not blocked and then use it for watching the video. Follow the steps below:

  • Search the Internet for the place where the video is not blocked ? this can utterly be done by reading reviews.
  • Now go to this website ProxyNova (simply click here)
  • Search for a proxy server in the desired place
  • Choose a proxy server which is online and has a faster Internet data speed
    Free-tip: Choose an Elite proxy with a higher rating. These are more secure than others.
  • Update the proxy settings in your browser or device for that server.
    (It?s simple, just look for proxy settings in your browser and choose custom settings.)
  • Now, browse the video again in your browser and enjoy.
    (You can reverse your proxy settings later)

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2. Using a browser extension (ZenMate):

In case you don?t want to apply the above time taking method then you can simply get the job done by just installing a browser extension in your browser.

ZenMateis a browser extension which avails you a number of proxy servers in many parts of the world. It is available for all the major browsers, Chrome and Firefox. Now, it?s not fully free but its free version is enough for our motto. Here follow the steps to use this extension.

  • Install ZenMate in your browser.
  • Now click on it and it will show you the available list of proxy locations
  • Choose an appropriate location
  • Now browse the video again (or reload the page)
  • Enjoy watching.

3. Using proxy websites:

If you don?t want to install ZenMate extension then there is another option for you. Here are some online proxy website for quick browsing.

Using proxy websites may not work for some videos. But it works fine with almost all of them.

4. For Android users:

Since there is no way to set a proxy in the latest version Andriod Lollipop 5.0. Thus, you can?t use the proxy from proxynova. But the other two options are still available for you.

  • You can easily browse the proxy websites mentioned above in your mobile browser and watch your video. However, it will not work with your You Tube app which is a bit annoying.
  • If you want to use the power of your YouTube app then you can go with ZenMate android app available in the Google play store. Simply follow the steps below
  • Search Google play store for ZenMate (or click here)
  • Install ZenMate extension in your device
  • Set the appropriate location required for watching video
  • Enjoy watching.

P.S.these tricks will work fine for other websites as well e.g. Vevo, Facebook etc.


  1. I am currently traveling in turkey and youtube is blocked :(. I had to sign up for a vpn to access it. I decided on using arcvpn.


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