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One of the undeniable facts is that the mobile application on every operating system platform has implied our life to a greater extent. For each and every activity, there is an app to walk with you in your pocket. Another very usual thing in today’s dynamic world is switching from one platform to other platform in case of operating system of mobile phone.

Apps can be of games, entertainments, music, video, lifestyle, children, family, news, books, sport, socials, education and lot more. One might switch from the most popular iOS platform to Android platform or vice versa. In this situation, using the apps that you are already habituated in using might not be supported by the other platform. Hence in case you have switched from iOS to android platform, using iOS emulator for Android to run all iOS apps on your android device easily. and missing those cool apps of iOS on your Android mobile phone then this article shall perfectly solve your entire problem.

ios emulator

The app named iOS emulator was developed for android devices to allow running of iOS applications on Android device.

Steps To Run iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulator

To get this, just download iOS Emulator Apk File on your Android device. Following are the steps to download iOS emulator.

  • The first step is to download iEMU Apk file on your personal computer or your device, by clicking on the link below.


  • In case you have downloaded the file on your personal computer, then transfer it to your android device by help of USB Cable or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi hot spot. Know the location of this file on your mobile phone.
  • Go the file location and open it on your android device.
  • With the help of any file manager of your device, install iEMU Apk aap.
  • After sometime, you will notice that this app is installed as the name of Padiod in your device.
  • Click on this, and start explore the fun of cool iOS apps on your Android device.

Please Note- Only pies and zip files are supported by Padiod Emulator.

Requirements Of iOS Emulator For Android

For interesting fun and facts, read some of the features and requirements of iOS Emulator for Android with help of iEMU Apk app.

  • iOS emulator allows accessing all the features of iOS application on your Android device that too without any major clippings.
  • All your game dates are saved at every moment with the help of iOS emulator.
  • You are lucky enough to explore these only if you use Android versions higher than 2.3.
  • Moreover, for app files you need to compromise with 61 MB of memory space for iOS Emulator.
  • Make sure that your Android device has RAM equivalent or more than 512MB.

All the information in this article is extracted by our experts and are authentic. Hence follow the requirements mentioned above before buying an Android device, particularly if you are interested in using iOS emulator for enjoying cool iOS application on your Android device.

Keep reading for more interesting solution of your techiee problems with authentic and simpler methods. Now use iOS Emulator in your android mobile and enjoy.

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