5 Most Common Failure Issues in Laptops in 2023 – You Should Know

As we use laptops commonly in our daily lives. Although it matters a lot how carefully you can use a laptop, your laptop must face some issues. Most of the time you don’t know what is the issue with your laptop. So, I am going to discuss the Most Common Failure Issues in Laptops in this guide.

5 Most Common Failure Issues in Laptops

  1. Overheating
  2. battery Issue
  3. Window Crash
  4. Virus Crash
  5. Outdated Drivers


Overheating is the Most Common Failure Issues in Laptops nowadays. laptop’s motherboard consists of many transistors that produce heat. If your laptop cooling system is not working properly or you cannot provide proper space for heat ventilation then your laptop gets heated and stops working or sometimes hangs.

It’s mostly because of using a laptop in bed or using a number of tabs or software at a time. Every laptop has heat ventilation spaces under the laptop. When you use a laptop like a way laptops have no space for heat ventilation because of putting a laptop on the blanket. then it gets heated. So, you need to use the proper laptop stand while using the laptop on the bed. Always put the laptop on a Laptop cooling pad or laptop table. So, that laptop has proper heat ventilation space.

How to deal with Overheating Issues

As a result of overheating, the laptop gets stuck or hangs. So, you need to press the power button and switch off your laptop for a few mins. Then turn on the laptop and its working starts properly. You can also choose a laptop according to your use. For example, If you are a machine learner then choose the best laptop for machine learning or a teacher then choose the best laptop for teachers and a programmer then choose the best laptop for programming because these laptops are designed according to the needs of Machine learners, teachers or programmers.

Battery Issue

Every laptop operates on a battery and each battery has its specific life cycle. Some batteries have a life cycle of one year or 2 years. So, when batteries life cycle ends it’s making an issue in the laptop. The life of the Laptop battery also depends on the usage of the laptop. If you are using heavy software like AutoCAD, Revit, or online meeting software like Zoom or Streamyard then battery life is reduced. Then you need to use the best battery laptop like MSI GE66 RAIDER or the same category laptop. Overcharging also affects battery life. Low or high Voltage chargers also affect battery life. Like if you want to charge your laptop in a car then charged it properly on a the proper voltage.

Window Crash

One of the most common issues in laptops is window crashes. Most people use pirated Windows on their laptops. A pirated window makes an issue after some time. So, you need to use the proper Microsoft window with the product key. The original window also updates itself regularly and makes your laptop more stable. Microsoft has the latest version of window windows 11. So, use Windows 11 on your laptop if your laptop’s hardware is compatible with it.

Virus Crash

Virus Crash is another major issue in laptops. Most of the time virus comes into your laptop when you try to download pirated software from an unauthorized website, transfer data from another laptop using USB, or do not scan your laptop regularly. Apple MacBook also has built-in virus defenders. MacBook Pro do not detect USBs with viruses. So, you need to use the proper antivirus on your laptop. Like windows defender (Microsoft official Anti Virus), MacFee, Norten, or any other Antivirus.

Outdated Drivers

The laptop operates on a window and the window operates on a number of drivers like a sound driver, video driver, or graphic driver. Every driver updated its version after some time. If you have the original window then the window updates all drivers itself. But if you have a pirate window installed on your laptop then update your system drivers regularly.


I have discussed the Most Common Failure Issues in Laptops above. You just need to update your laptop regularly and use it carefully, Moreover, if the laptop makes any issues then read this guide and resolve it in mins.

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