Solved Windows Search Not Working (Windows 7, 8, 8.1)

Indexing is always helpful when it comes to the quick and fast searching of any files or folder on our windows PC. Therefore the windows search option is one of the functions that provide us this facility search all of our files in just a minute, all you have to do is just type the file name. This is helpful in all windows versions including windows 8 and Windows 7. But the problem may arise when it becomes very frustrating because the message like windows search not working pop out whenever we try to search for nay files. This is the common error while searching in Windows because of the indexing problem which may occur in Windows.



Why this error comes with Windows Search Index?

As we know the indexing is always helpful whether it is a book or a computer. So the computer also works in the same indexing format where all the files are there in the index. Whenever a user enters the file name in the search box it search for the index to figure out the similar files male, and quickly show the results but the process may become slower and sometime report error like windows search is not working or message like windows search has crashed. This all happens due to the problem which occurs in the indexing process of windows search. There may be many reasons for the same.? This way the performance and accuracy of the search results get slower and crashes.

So to fix and completely solve the issue we need to look the index status of the search. So in this tutorial we will be showing the various methods to fix this problem in easy and quicker way.

?How to Fix “Windows Search Not Working”:

Windows default Troubleshooting

The windows give the opportunity to troubleshoot the issue with ease as providing the option to solve and check for any error by direct index troubleshoot of the index.

Windows provides very easy ability to troubleshoot the issue with automatic setup. All you need to resolve the issue is run this troubleshoot from Windows. Here are the steps to run the windows troubleshoot.

  • Click on Start menu now type index.
  • Select the required Indexing Options from the list.1-Solved Windows Search Not Working


  • Now click on the advanced option
  • Click on the rebuilt search and indexing.
  • Hit next and wait for Windows to solve the issue.

Check if Windows Search Index is enabled

There are so many settings in Windows that you might have disable the windows search feature accidentally. There is case that you have given permission to third party sites which might disable it in Windows sitting. So to enable this features here are the steps

  • Click on the Start icon and click on Control Panel. Then navigate to Programs and Features.
  • On the left pane of the Control Panel window, click on the option to Turn Windows features on or off.21-Solved Windows Search Not Working


  • The Windows Features dialog will show up. Scroll down to find Windows Search and make sure it is ticked.
  • You may also want to try by ticking Indexing Service.

Ensure Search Service is Active

In Windows all the services are continuously running, whether the windows is running perfect or not. To check all these services we need to manually check and turn off those extra services. So here are the steps to easily turn off these extra services.

31-Solved Windows Search Not Working

  • Open Run dialog (Windows key + R), type services.msc and hit Enter.


  • On the service window, search for Windows Search service. Select the service and turn it off by clicking on Stofrom the top left.3.1-Solved Windows Search Not Working



Use Task Managers:

The task manager is always helpful when it comes to the quick fix for nay program. We can also use this feature here, which is quite easy to do

  • Open Task Manager (Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc).

41-Solved Windows Search Not Working


  • Now Find ?Microsoft Windows Search Indexer?, right-click on it and click on ?End task?.


Data folder of windows search

  • Just go To ?C>>ProgramData>>Microsoft>>Search? and you will see a folder name ?Data?. Now delete the data in the data folder.

51-Solved Windows Search Not Working

Also watch the video:

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These were the simple steps and 5 ways to solve the windows search not responding problem which is quite common in the windows 7, 8 etc. but applying these simple steps you can fix it quickly. In case you are facing any difficulty, please feel free to ask in the comments. If you have any other suggestion related to this do share with us in the comments.


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