Solved: YouTube HD not Working (Chrome/IE/Firefox)

Recently one of my friends got the problem while watching the video on YouTube. Whenever he tried to load the video in HD, it didn?t work. The YouTube video was not loading in HD i.e. 720p and 1080p resolution. But when we tried to watch the video in 480p, it worked properly. This way the YouTube HD was not working properly. This may be the problem in popular browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, opera and many more but the problem remains same and so the solution.

So we have finally able to solve the issue with simple steps, which we will be showing in this tutorial, in which we will show you the way by which you would be able to properly play the YouTube HD video.

Methods for “?YouTube HD not Working properly”:

Method 1: Check if the Flash player is installed

This is the common problem in which you would not have installed the latest version of flash player which is essential in order to play the HD and other YouTube video properly and smoothly.YouTube_HD_not_working_install_flash_player


Method 2: Delete you Browser cache (History/Downloaded data)

This is also the common issue which might be creating the problem for you. You just need to clear the cache of your browser and make your browser clean in order to load the video properly.

Here are the steps to follow in order to do so.

  • Click Options located at the top right-hand corner of your browser and then click setting.
  • Scroll down to ?Show advanced settings? and click on it.
  • Now in the window you need to choose then option ?the beginning of time?.
  • Then hit Clear browsing data.


Now close the browser and start again to refresh all things again.

Method 3: Delete Temporary internet files:

Your cache memory when becomes larger in size, which is stored in your computer itself, may give rise to number of problems like browsing problem and other related problems too. So in order to fix this HD video problem we should also consider deleting the temporary files from our system. These files are just temporary, as its name suggest, so you should not bother to delete them immediately. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Go to Run or just hit Win+R.
  • Now enter ? %temp%? in the box provided and hit enter.
  • Now in the window, you will see number of file, select all by pressing ctrl+A and delete them.


  • Make sure to delete these files from recycle bin also.

Method ?4:Delete unwanted extension (such as Adblock)

There are many plug-in/add-on/extension of the browsers that may also cause the problem while streaming the video. One of the extension which I have seen is Adblock, which create streaming problem in YouTube many times. So it?s better to delete them and remove from browser. Check the screenshot below.

Go to settings>>Extension>>Disable


So these were the best method to troubleshoot ?YouTube HD? video not working? problem which many of you might be facing. Also feel free to share , how you have solved the HD streaming issue, other than the method mentioned above , in the comments below. Feel free to ask any related queries also.


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