5 Best Ways to Speed up your Android Phone

You bought an Android phone. You loved it, you start installing all the games and applications you would love to have. Songs, movies, files, images etc all sorts of experimentation are been done with your Android phone. Moreover, suddenly what you notice is while typing letters appear a bit late on screen and the games you play are lagging out diminishing the fun to play. This is because your phone is running slow; fortunately, you can speed up your device in less than 5 minutes with these simple tips.


1. Clear you App Cache

Whatever programs and apps are running in your device the app cache writes it all and eat up the precious system resources while slowing down everything. Therefore, first thing clear the cache data. You can also use third party app such as App Cache cleaner. Following are the steps to clear the Cache data.

free your memory android

  • Navigate to the storage menu.
  • Tap Cached Data.
  • Hit ‘ok’ to confirm deletion.

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2. Disable Bloat ware

Your phone comes with many preloaded dozens of apps from the carrier and third parties such as Amazon. Whether you use or do not use such apps, it might still be running in the background. To disable an app:

  • Navigate to the Applications Manager in settings
  • Swipe over to the “All” tab to see the complete lists of apps.
  • Select the app you ant get rid of.

uninstall apps free space android

  • Tap Disable or Uninstall.
  • Hit ok.

3. Increase Chrome’s Memory Limit

Chrome only uses 128mb data on available RAM by default. But you can increase the limit and get smoother performance. To increase the RAM usage:

  • Navigate o chrome: //flags and scroll down until you see the “Maximum tiles for interest area “section.

chrome setup to make android faster

  • Select 512 from pull down menu by tapping ‘Default’.
  • Tap Relaunch Now.

4. Disable Animations

Android provides the device with amazing animations when you navigate around the app drawer or come back to the home screen. How amazing these animations looks, these also takes more time than just redrawing the screen. To disable animations:


  • Navigate to About Phone in settings.
  • Tap the Build number seven times which will give you a message saying Developer Mode is enabled. If your phone is already on Developer mode skip this step.
  • Navigate to Developer Options after enabling Developer mode.
  • Select Window animation scale.
  • Set Animation to off.
  • Select Transition animation scale and Animation duration scale and set each to off.

5. Disable Lock Screen Animations

It is very exciting to watch your lock screen to open with ripples and bubbles while you swipe the phone. Nevertheless, these small little things drink up the device performance. To disable lock screen animations:

screen pattern

  • Navigate to the Lock Screen in the settings menu.
  • Select Unlock effect.
  • Choose None.

Watch video for more Tricks:

These are the few very useful methods to make your phone run faster before you panic and think that you made the wrong decision to buy this phone.

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