Top 6 Sites to Design Logos Online for Free

A logo is to business as your face is to you. It is the symbol of identification of your organisation. The familiarity of the logo tells the recognition of the company among the customers. It reflects the personality of the company or organisation, displaying the USP of your company.

The logo is a mental shortcut to an organisation. The logo is powered by the virtual nature of humans which helps them relate to images faster than text, which is proven by science. Starting a business is tough, but establishing it as a brand is an even difficult task, which is eased by the use of a good logo, so as to tap visual memory power from the minds of your target customers.

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Having just a logo isn?t enough. It must reflect the true nature and identity of the organisation. A good thought logo can boost a company reach their customers in target whereas a bad one can destroy their buying public.

Importance of Logo to an organisation

Here are some key points which tell the value of logo to a company:

  • The logo is the image of the company to the public, and in today media dominated world, image of a company is everything.
  • The logo of an organisation strengthens customer loyalty as it makes the general public familiar with the company.
  • A company?s logo is the most powerful marketing tool.
  • A logo is the signature of the company and establishes ownership of a brand. It provides a legal safeguard against fake and forgeries.

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Sites that design logos online for free

There are various online portals which one can use to design their logos for free. These sites are a stepping stone for new start-ups and small businesses. These sites provide free designed templates to help you design your logo as per your needed. Such sites are:

1. Online Logo Maker ( )

This is one of the best sites for making logos online. A logo can be designed and downloaded from the site, without forcibly creating an account as is the case with most of the websites.


You can easily select images from a wide variety of images provided on site and customise it.

2. Logo Genie (

It has a very user friendly and simple interface. You can save and download your logo and making various transformations in it using the tools provided.


3. Logo Garden (

Logo Garden helps the user by providing easy to use DIY editor to make awesome logos. The metallic finish effects and special symbol effects the site provides is liked a lot by the users.


4. Logaster (

This is the place to visit if you want to design really good logos with the simple UI.? The pretty clean UI helps in making the logo design super-efficient and fast.


Once you make the logo, you will have to make an account and then you can download the logo in six different patterns as a zip file.

5. Free Logo Services (

The advantage of this site is that it also generates an option of making business cards with the generated logo. Business card is an important tool of communication to any organisation.

6. Graphic Springs Logo creator (

This is the most powerful logo creator web portal on the list. It has a large number of customisations, making it stand out in the list. It breaks your logo types according to your business category.

These are some really useful websites which can be used to generate your company?s logo. The logos generated are usually in low quality and can be obtained in high resolution by paying some money to the sites. Do check these sites for making great logos.


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