What is the Difference Between SSD and HDD -Which one is better for you?

If you are a laptop user and using the laptop for a few years. Then you are well aware of the name SSD. SSD is the latest and fast drive in 2023. But if someone considers budget strictly then HDD is the most common drive. But most people don’t know What is the Difference Between SSD and HDD. Moreover, which one is better for them? In this guide, you are going to learn which one is better for you in both SSD and HDD with respective of Price, Speed, Storage Capacity, and Life Span.

What is the Difference Between SSD and HDD

Before knowing the difference between both drives, we need to know that. what is HDD and what is SSD? So, the HDD( Hard Disk Drive) is a data storage device found in old computers. It’s big in size and slows in speed. SSD known as Solid state drives are also data storage devices with small in size and fast in speed. Here we are going to compare both drives on 4 different factors.

  • Storage Capacity
  • Price
  • Speed
  • LifeSpan

Storage Capacity

When we discuss storage, it’s equally important for any user. Everyone wants big storage to store videos, images, files, and other data. Obviously, HDD is the winner in terms of capacity because of big HDD devices. You can easily find HDD devices with a storage capacity of a few MBs to 16 TB.

There is low storage capacity in the case of SSD. Usually, you can find 16 GB to 512 GB storage capacity in regular laptops.

SSD or HDD which one is best in terms of Price

The second most important factor is price. Everyone considers their budget before going to purchase any device. As we know SSD is the latest technology. So, SSD is more expensive than HDD. You can say, you can buy 1TB HDD for the price of 64GB SSD in 2023.

Which one is best in terms of Speed

Everyone considers speed before buying any laptop. You can say your laptop is not the best laptop if its speed is slow. Some professionals need high-speed laptops like gamers, developers, engineers, and designers. So, as a gamer, your laptop is not the best gaming laptop if its speed is slow. Few need medium speed like office workers or those who only use laptops for watching movies or using laptops for video conferencing.

So, SSD is much faster than HDD. If you want fast speed storage device then you should go for an SSD instead of an HDD.


One of the very important aspects that you cannot ignore and have been put up by multiple users is the lifespan of these devices. The question arises here is which one lasts longer?

SSDs have many more benefits than just speed and performance. It uses less power and saves tons of energy and battery life for the system. Whereas Hard drives work on moving parts and certainly wear out sooner than the SSD. If by any chance you drop your laptop it may damage the HDD easily.

Even though the SSD storage device is physically shockproof and does not suffer any damage, still there is an equal chance of data loss in some other circumstances. It is a pure myth that SSD devices are completely durable and cannot be harmed. It all depends on how you use it.

Final Verdict

I have compared both SSD and HDD on the basis of 4 different factors. Now it’s up to you which one suits you more. I suggest you consider two things before buying any device. Your budget and your usage. Then you can easily decide which one you want to purchase.

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